Camping Fun

Memorial Day Weekend, we went camping with my mom & dad. My sister, Erika, and her family came up for a day for a bar-b-que and to celebrate Mom & Aaron’s birthdays. We had a great time! The kids loved hunting for creatures; catching all sorts of neat stuff. Emma caught a blue racer snake and a sculpin fish for all the kids to see. The cousins had a great time playing together. Lillian and the twins were smothered with love & kisses all day. All in all, it was a great weekend, and it was wonderful to spend time with my family.

Emma & baby girl Kayleigh

The boys of the Chrzanowski-Hearne Family.
(Kendric, Tymek, Konrad, & Benjamin)

The rest of their family.

(Lillian, Scotty, & Kayleigh)
Happy Birthday To You!
(notice the matchstick candles)

Emma & her creatures.

Riding bikes.

Just some neat stuff.

Whenever my dad really gets to laughing, his whole body laughs for him. He has this kind of high-pitched inhale followed by short bursts of exhaling. It is hilarious! He has one of those contagious laughs that gets everyone else going, and I love it! As kids it was always our goal to try to get him really wound up so he’d get carried away laughing like that. His laugh is one of my favorite memories. I managed to catch it with the camera while we were camping. I can’t even remember what was so funny, but I will always laugh remembering this moment.

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  1. I love the pictures… especially the one of your dad… it’s GREAT!

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