So Much Potential

Bare land. Pretty plain, but with oh so much potential!

The past year and a half have been a real struggle for Aaron and I. We have both changed careers (for the better), and with that came a HUGE drop in income. We have managed to live extremely frugally and work hard to get back where we want to be, and soon, this bare land with so much potential, will be booming with activity.
We are almost ready to start building. Now, I don’t mean we’ll be building within the next month or two, but we are finally at a place in our lives where we can start thinking house plans, square footage, etc. Of course, each of the girls wants their own bedroom; no big surprise there (we’ll just have to see if they get their way). Aaron & I each have certain things that are “must haves”, for example, I want the Master Bedroom on the main floor with the girls’ rooms on the second floor. Aaron’s must have is a big shop.
Anyway, as reality sets in and we get closer and closer to drawing the potential out of this bare piece of land and turning it into our own little piece of paradise.
Off to Day Dream, I go . . .

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0 thoughts on “So Much Potential

  1. Daydream away! Your willingness to make changes (for the better) will pay off in the long run!!
    Happy Week ~

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