Happy Valentine’s Day

This is what showed up for all the girlies in our family today:

The big bouquet of roses were hand-delivered by one very handsome, tall man to me at work. It was such a big surprise, I was shocked! They are gorgeous, and I actually only brought them home so I could take a picture of them ~ they are going right back on my desk tomorrow where I can enjoy them!

Each of the little girls in our family got one of these stuffed animals from Aaron & I, along with a few little treats. Aaron got each of them their own rose, as well. We had a great meal together here at the house, and a nice relaxing evening together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

0 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Love it! The flowers are beautiful – you did well Aaron!
    Thanks for the picture too!!
    IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I think I might just have to buy it!!

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