Chicken . . .

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Pox! Last Thursday morning before school, Harley was complaining about a little “pimple” she had on her cheek. I took a look at it and told her she’d just have to wait until it went ... Read More

Miscellaneous Stuff

This image I took on top of Cabbage Hill one day when it was partially cloudy on top, but foggy down in the valley below. I can’t decide which version I like the best, black & white, color, ... Read More

Lady Knights

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The Irrigon High School Lady Knights Basketball Teams.  We traveled to Eastern Oregon University to watch a Lady Mountaineer practice, so we took a team picture to send as a thank you card. So, here ... Read More

I am never . . .

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going to cook another meal! Monday night, I was being Little Miss Suzy Homemaker and baking a ham and home-made au gratin potatoes. While I was slicing the potatoes (yes, without the safety guard), I ... Read More

Today is the Day!

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Today is my mom’s official last day of work (though she didn’t work yesterday or today). She is retiring to go on to bigger and better things like golf, camping, traveling, hanging out wit... Read More