Tree Trimmings

My parents have a very unconventional Christmas Tree. There are no lights, no glass balls, and no kindergarten craft project ornaments. They don’t have any tinsel, no garland, and there aren’t any “stereotypical” Christmas Ornaments.

What they do have is a tree full of memories. Memories of travels across the world ~ Africa, Guatamala, Belize, Poland, Mexico, Costa Rica, and many different places in the United States. Every time they travel somewhere, they get an ornament to hang on their tree. Still – there are not any “typical” ornaments.
My parents’ tree is covered with animals ~ wildlife ~ some realistic, and some fantasy. My personal favorite is the pair of quails. They always sit near the tree trunk, cozied up together.

I love looking at their tree every year to see what they’ve added, and whether or not it’s a “normal’ animal. One of their new ornaments this year was a funky monkey that caused me to laugh out loud! I love his expression and stance.

Some more of my favorites include a Canadian Goose that looks like he is flying up and out of the tree.

This Dragonfly is beautiful with irridescent wings and brightly colored body, the girls really liked this one, too.

Of course, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trout. Fly-fishing is one of my favorite out-door hobbies, so I love the trout and how realistic they look.

Following are some more of my favorites, but only a small sampling of what is on my parents’ tree. I would have probably over a hundred images if I tried to take a picture of every one of their ornaments. I know I missed the Cardinal, Peacock, and several others. Click on the small images to view them larger.

One animal that is definitely missing from their tree is an Elk ~ I am making it my mission this year to find them a realistic Elk or two to add to their collection!
Happy Holidays!

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