Basketball Trips

Basketball trips. Awesome memories from high school. Bonding with my team mates, playing pranks on one another, making memories for the rest of our lives.

This past weekend, I went with the girls to the Pine Eagle Tournament in Halfway. It was a LONG trip, but it was a blast! Our girls won a hard-fought game Friday, beating Pine Eagle.

This group of girls has struggled to “gel” and learn to work together as a team, but they are finally getting there. I have really enjoyed watching them grow and learn. We were getting ready to start the game Friday, and during the National Anthem, this is what I saw:

I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and catching this moment. Each of these individuals is finally realizing they are a vital link in the foundation of this team, and it is wonderful to see. I am proud to be part of this group, and I am proud of these wonderful girls.

Later on during the game, one of our JV Girls, Staci Stanger, caught this moment:

One of the great things about team road trips is the interesting meals you get to have. All of our teams were sleeping on the floor in the elementary school. We ordered pizza for all the kids (we had all four teams there) and everyone ate in the gym. We played pick up games, HORSE, PIG, BUMP, and other games until very very late.

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