Almost a Teenager

Emma’s birthday was clear back on the 7th, but she was in Heppner with her Dad that weekend, so we didn’t get to celebrate with her until this weekend. She had four friends over for pizza and movies, but only two could stay the night. Jennifer, Karen, Makenzie, and Madisyn were all so much fun! They mostly stayed in Em’s room talking about boys, music, and makeup. All those things I wasn’t expecting until she was a little older.

The Divas
Emma, Madisyn, and Makenzie
(they didn’t all wear black on purpose, believe it or not)

Saturday afternoon, we had Emma’s family party, as well. Her cake was shaped like a purse, even with a little licorice handle. She had a lot of fun, and so did we.

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

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  1. I’m totally impressed with your cake baking skills – love it!!

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