The Mommy Behind the Madness

Sometimes I feel like our house is so CRAZY I’ll never be able to break the surface and pull my head above water. Don’t get me wrong, I love our household, and I love all the activity and energy. Sometimes I’m amazed at how many different directions we are going all at once, and we don’t have kids old enough to be active in a billion things yet. However, there are times when I’d love to have just plain old peace and quiet.

Most of the time when I really *need* it, I end up staying up way into the middle of the night when nobody else is awake. There are times I’ll take drives out to the wildlife refuge or to the mountains to just get away, be alone with my camera, and enjoy some deep thinking time.

For the people who know our family, they know how crazy our schedule gets at times ~ I’m sure they wonder how we keep it all together sometimes. Anyway, I am a chronic orgnanizer and planner, and I tend to be a little obsessive compulsive, so that helps.

I am making a scrapbook for each of the girls for Christmas, it’s an “All About Me” book purchased from Creating Keepsakes. The Kit includes everything, including an instruction book, to make a book all about you. I learned about it on Ali Edward’s Blog (under my Favorite Blogs). The kit sells for $15.00, and $3.00 of that is donated directly to breast cancer organizations that promote research, treatment, etc.

At any rate, I needed some pictures for the girls’ albums (unfortunately ~ one of the benefits of being behind the camera is that you don’t have to be in front of it), so I took a couple today using my remote. I also had a couple new “finishes” I was wanting to try on images, so I used myself as a guinea pig.

Here I am, the Mommy Behind the Madness:

The girls and I are off to La Grande for the weekend to visit my parents and so I can attend the opening of the Season’s Faire. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I am sure I will ~ head above water and all!

0 thoughts on “The Mommy Behind the Madness

  1. I’m looking forward to meeting you someday!
    You’re real.
    You’re human.
    You’re what life is all about… trying to find the “balance”, the “quiet”, the “peace” we all need to survive!
    Have a wonderful weekend in my college town 🙂
    Oh, and the pictures… they are FABULOUS!!

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