tHe BoUnCiEsT bIkE bUnGlE!


Harley, Katelyn, Reagan, and I went camping with my mom at Emigrant Springs Camp Ground this weekend, and we stayed in my parent’s camp trailer, “Waldo”. My mom & I were there for a scrapbooking get-away weekend (My first ever and how fun was that!), and the girls just enjoyed the park and nice, warm days.

Yesterday morning, Harley & Katelyn were riding their bikes down a hill in the camp ground, and Katelyn had a little mishap. Apparently she hit a little bump on the edge of the road where the pavement meets gravel, lost control of her bike, and had a HUGE wreck. Amazingly enough she isn’t seriously hurt. She managed to put herself together enough to walk back to the lodge and get Mom & I.

The ladies we were scrapbooking with are AMAZING! Mom & I took Katelyn into the bathroom to start cleaning her up, and within seconds at least six more women were in there bringing antibiotic ointment, first aid kits, bandaids, washcloths, you name it. All the “mommies” who were having a weekend away from their kids just went into auto pilot to help us. They are truly wonderful women!

Anyway, after a shower to clean out the wounds really well and two hours of sitting by Mommy & Nana (to make sure she didn’t have a concussion), Katelyn was almost back to normal. She even went back out and rode her bike again (on her own!).

We even made her a scrapbook page “Certificate” for her awarding her the “Bounciest Bike Bungle” award signed by all the ladies there, and I’ll put a picture of her on it when I get them printed.

So here’s pictures of our brave little girl:

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