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I have started working on a project for a group of organizations in La Grande and Harley, Reagan, and I spent most of this past week at my mom & dad’s in Cove. The girls got to hang out with their cousins (my nephews and neice) at Riverside Park, and had a blast playing together.

Harley & Konrad on the tire swing ~ those two were “tire”less on it (sorry for the pun, I know it was bad):

My neice, Lillian, who is 15 months old:

We didn’t get to stay at the park as long as any of us would have liked because the sky opened up at let loose with a storm. The clouds were absolutely GORGEOUS, though:

That night when we got back to Mom & Dad’s, Reagan tracked in some chunks of mud. I asked her to pick them up and put them outside. She worked on it for a little bit, then came into the kitchen and said, “Nana, I got the big chunks, now you have to sweep up the rest.” Uh, no, now, for being a smart-mouth, you get to vacuum the whole floor (she didn’t really like vacuuming much):

Before we left Thursday, we met up with my parents at Riverside Park again, this time for the Hospital’s employee appreciation picnic. The girls had a blast getting tattoos, in the cake walk, and playing with the ponies. This colt was pretty young, and just loved having the girls scratch his hears and nose.



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