Just a quick shot of Elis, Chase’s older sister. She’s gorgeous inside and out, but is definitely a typical 12-year-old! Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered ... Read More
today, and I didn’t take a single picture!The girls and I went to the Pendleton Aquatic Center with my friend, Janet, her two boys, and three additional “kid” friends. The kids all k... Read More
and Batgirls . . . This bat was soooooo small, it was incredible. It’s a baby, but is about half-grown. Those are my dad and Emma’s fingers (including her nasty fingernail polish) in the p... Read More
For the past several years, my dad has been researching bats at the Bar-M Ranch and he and my mom spend a few weekends every summer camping there while he does his research. The girls and I decided to... Read More
Yesterday, I traveled to Lyle, Washington, to do a re-shoot of an 18-month little boy, Chase, whos session in May didn’t go as planned. Chase is the son of one of my girlfriends from high school... Read More
I LOVE this age ~ they don’t need directed in what you want them to do, they don’t give “cheesy” smiles, and they’re just fun to be around. How refreshing is that? Follow... Read More
I recently took some images of a friend’s daughter. Here are several different ones, some with several different “finishes”. I LOVE this age ~ they don’t even need directed in ... Read More
I took Harley & Reagan to the Pow Wow at Wildhorse on June 24, and we had a great time! These are my two favorite images from the dance competition. Follow **At times you’ll find some affili... Read More