Beautiful Blue Eyes ~ Bad Mommy!

I just adore Reagan and her beautiful blue eyes. Every emotion she experiences shines through her eyes. They are expressive ~ loving and innocent, deep blue pools of beauty. I am intrigued by her “Whirling Dirvish” personality and how she can flip a U-Turn from one subject to another without so much as a blink of an eye. She leaves those around her baffled and confused until they have time to catch up to her lightning mind! Sometimes we’ll be talking 4-year-old talk, then out of nowhere, she blurts out something that reminds me she really is an old soul, and a kindred spirit.

I’m a bad mommy for two reasons today, one was Reagan’s decision, and one is my own conclusion. Reagan was irritated at me for taking too long taking her pictures. She had asked to have some taken, but quickly tired of it. I snapped off a couple more after she wanted to stop, then we quit, but her annoyance at me is obvious!

I feel like a bad mommy on my own because it seems like Reagan is the only one I post about or take pictures of, with Emma a distant second. Harley & Katleyn? Who are they? Do I have two other daughters I don’t ever seem to manage to get pictures of or post about? I’m just having a temporary moment of mommy self-doubt. I also realize that I spend the majority of my time with Reagan while the other girls are in school, and when they were this age, I worked full-time, so I missed out on a lot of this with them. So maybe not “bad-mommy”, just regrets of not treasuring the time I spent with Emma, Harley, & Katleyn when I had the chance to.

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