Creativity Dead End

I have been taking classes through the New York Institute of Photography, and I’m on my fourth unit, which focuses on portraits. Should be easy for me, right? Nope, I’ve hit a dead end, I have a creative *block* when it comes to completing two of the six photos required. I have managed to get four of the six, but am just drawing a complete blank for the other two.

Indoor, Natural Light Portrait.

Indoor, Artificial Light Portrait.

Baby or Child Portrait, Indoor or Outdoor.
*express the personality of the subject*

Group Portrait, Indoor or Outdoor. *express the personality of the subject*

The two I haven’t been able to get are: 1-Location Indoor Portrait, express or demonstrate subject’s personality and or occupation.; and 2-Location Outdoor Portrait, utilize framing & avoid background distractions.

I don’t know, I’m probably just being lazy not working hard enough to get these done, but I feel like I’m completely lost trying to get these last two pictures.

Maybe I’ll be able to get them this weekend. I hope so, anyway.

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